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Water Level Indicator



The CEP Water Level Indicator is designed to measure the ground water level in standpipes and wells for earth fill embankments, excavation, ground improvement and land reclamation projects.





















The CEP Water Level Indicator consist of three main parts, a stainless steel probe where the sensitive sensor is housed, an electrical graduated tape to read off from and a robust tape reel to transport and safe keep the probe and tape. The hub of the tape reel also displays the buzzer and light indicator.



The ground water level is measured by means of the probe attached to the electrical tape with 1 millimeter graduations. The buzzer sounds and the light indicator lights up when the probe comes into contact with the ground water. The depth of the ground water level to the top of standpipe is read on the electrical tape.


Installation of Standpipe

PVC access pipes are perforated and covered with geotextile before installing in a drilled borehole to the required depth.



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